Building your brand is very crucial to have a strong presence in the market and stay ahead of competition. With 2020 almost over, it is perfect time for brands to evaluate their financial condition, discover new market opportunities and set financial goals accordingly. Here are five money tactics which can be used by any brand to make or save more money.


Investment is a very simple concept yet most people overcomplicate it which does more harm to them than good. As a brand, selling your products and earning is the basic way but invest in companies, in other…

Understanding the Importance of Content Writing

Before we delve into the ‘why,’ it is necessary that we clear a few concepts centric to answering the ‘what.’ More specifically, what is content and content writing?

· Meaning — Content is generally understood to be a piece (or several pieces) of information that revolves around a specific predefined aspect. It can be either a part of a whole or a whole.

· Purpose — Its purpose is to informatively approach the reader with insights that either change, create, or build upon a paradigm that pre-exists within the user.

· Types — Different…

Singapore is one of those cities you want to visit again and again. The city has given me so much, from friends who turned into the family to thrilling experiences, happiest days, worst days, and many more. How did I happen to go to Singapore? Why Singapore? What happened in Singapore? Yes, these all questions ran through my mind as well.

In 2016, I completed my Engineering with first class. As I belong to a typical Indian family, people kept on asking me one question — Now what? I had no idea what to say about this! …

Riya Gote

Riya is the Founder of Scriberlee. Riya is an expert content writer and her skills are recognized by Forbes. Riya is also a motivational public speaker.

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